Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Believe again.

May 22, 2019


Two magical things happened yesterday. One, my car wouldn't start (not the magic part). If you know me, then you know I love my car, but we've had a rough old year together. So, of course, I assumed the worst.


Well, then, wasn't it the most magical gift to hear that it was merely a corroded connection, and that the grand total for the repair was under 50 dollars? It was one of the highlights of my year, I tell you. 


The second magical thing happened in the middle of the night--the power went out (again, not the magical part). All I could think about (after hoping it wasn't an accident and, if it was, that everyone was okay) was how this new thing would change my routine, how I have to hustle differently, and then (of course) I lay awake for hours, trying to read myself back to sleep. 


And then I slept and I dreamed the power came on (as you do). When I woke up, I reminded myself not to get my hopes up, but then there it was--the streetlamp (the one I complain about being too bright--never again) shining through my window, and I tell you, it was like those old Santa-believing Christmas mornings. 


I know. I'm a terrible storyteller, but the moral of this one is that magic exists. We're so wrapped up in our catastrophic thinking, in our egocentric anxieties to realize it, but I tell you, I believe. And I'm going to do my best to realize it. 




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