Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The more you can rest.

June 6, 2019


More and more I believe that our own anxiety and our own tension are slowly (well, maybe not so slowly) killing us. We know the physical demands associated with stress, but I'm talking about a different, sadder kind of loss. We lose ourselves to our anxiety as surely as we lose our physical health. And the great sadness there is that the latter happens far more quickly. 


Anxiety and stress rob us of joy, of the thrill of exploration, of our creativity, of our ability to create and keep new relationships, essentially grounding us and keeping us prisoner in a twisted sort of codependency. 


But I think I've found one way out: rest. Rest. Lie in your bed or your favorite chair (reading, watching something, listening to music or podcasts--whatever gets you there), and little by little let the tension go. It might come back five minutes later, but do it again. And again. And again until it sticks. Breathe deeply and slowly and your body will learn. I believe, finally, finally, that the route to the mind is through the body, and the route to the body is through nothing but rest.



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This Quiet Earth