Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The only requirement.

July 31, 2019


I think we often fall into the misconception that it takes energy to be who we are, to show up for ourselves, as ourselves. But it's the misconception that taxes us, the trying to try, or not to try, as the case may be. 


Being, even becoming (or allowing) who we are should be easiest thing in the world. Does that mean there aren't things to learn about ourselves or about how to navigate the world? Of course not. There's always more to learn for the willing. But there should be (key: should be, ought to be) an ease in our bearing, in our communication, in our arrival. The trick is always, always to allow. To allow for shortcomings, for mistakes, for misunderstandings because attempting to avoid those is what costs us, what depletes us. 


It's inevitable that people won't like you, just as it's inevitable that you won't like everyone. And, sure, you'll talk about those you dislike in unkind ways, and you'll regret that, and maybe you'll learn, or maybe you won't, but allow either outcome. Allow yourself the mistake and allow yourself to learn from it--allow yourself to be kinder in yourself, kinder in your navigation, kinder in your interaction. And when you can't be kind, maybe allow breathing instead. Allow silence. Allow space as buffer between yourself and your distrust. Just allow.



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