Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

And then again.

August 9, 2019


"Why" and "why not" are essentially the same question, are they not? Or, more accurately, two versions of the same question. Which you ask depends on the situation, how you feel about that situation, and how adverse (or in favor) you are to risk. I've been asking myself this question a lot this week, not that there are any answers. And, from what I've seen, many of us have been plagued of late by waves of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and general malaise. 


Is it cosmic? Is it a current of energy, powerful but temporary? I hope so. I hope so because it's heavy, this question, whichever version you choose to ask. And such an open-ended question whose answer always begins (often begins) with that most hated of childhood reasons, "because." 


Because why? Because why not? And does the answer matter? Well, I like answers, so yes, it does. I like proof, even if it's only proof to me--a feeling, an insight, a sign. But there's only silence. This week at least. Silence and a community of seekers who, for some reason, have been without a compass. 


I know direction will come. True north always, eventually, makes itself known. Why do I feel though, this time, it's so slow in coming?




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This Quiet Earth