Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The comfort of existing.

August 16, 2019


I too often forget how not alone we are at any given moment, in any given place. Surprising, considering, I grew up hearing voices and spending nights in my grandparents' quite haunted house. Not to mention being lucky enough to be blessed with a sister who has an uncanny ability to know what's coming and when. 


But when I remember, what a relief it is to be lifted from a place of alone-ness. What a relief to realize that, though metaphor may they be, all the fantasy novels have it right--there's something out there.


But then I've always been comfortable with the inexplicable nature of spirit. It's such a relief to have a collection of worlds that we can't micromanage, pick apart, predict, or muddy in the messiness that is part and parcel of having a body, of having an ego. 


It's lovely to think of history and future, simultaneously swirling around us, reminding us that maybe this day/week/year drags on, but oh, the rest goes by so quickly. 

A reminder to remember spirit because that's where we are infinite. 




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This Quiet Earth