Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Faith in the updraft.

August 29, 2019


There's a comfort in believing that, if you're here, you're meant to be here, at least, for now. After all, you can only move forward from where you're standing, and you can, likewise, only move forward while looking in that direction. The best gift we can give ourselves is forgiveness--forgiveness for the mistakes in our past that wake us up at night, forgiveness for believing in what we consider foolish dreams, forgiveness for not being our best selves all the time. 


We have to allow so much--we have to allow ourselves to fail, to be mistaken, to try and try and try. But for that to matter, for it to mean anything, we have to forgive each other. And we have to believe. To try and believe accomplishes nothing. It's not a thing you can attempt. You can only believe by living belief, by being belief.


Just stop thinking. Stop criticizing. Stop diagramming. Just breathe and keep going.





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This Quiet Earth