Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

One hell of a stable.

September 4, 2019


Was it just yesterday I was talking a good game about letting go of those things over which we have no control? 


Ha! Well. Welcome to the human condition. It's not only a place to visit, but apparently, our permanent address. You know, I think I spend as much time wishing for what I don't have and wishing away some things I do, as I do trying to reconcile myself to what is. 


The easiest solution, of course, is scrapping all of the above in order to simply (simply!!) live in the moment. But you know I'm not that enlightened. And you also know that's easy advice to give and (for most of us) impossible advice to live by. 


So here's what I've decided to do: not to care. I've decided I don't care that I spend so much of my time in fantasy. I don't care that I spend just as much time wishing I could be more tolerant/accepting/loving/realistic toward myself. 


Like, I know I'm terrible at playing the social media game, even though to do so would ultimately be better for my bottom line. I just don't have any interest, any creativity in that arena. It's not my medium. But maybe this is just who I am, and maybe THAT'S what I need to accept. There's nothing to reconcile. 


If that were our approach? Think of the rest we'd get; think of all the time we'd save.





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