Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

And yet.

October 4, 2019


And yet, here you are. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) your plans, you're standing where you never thought you would. Whether that moment is now or past, we've all had it--the 'how on earth did I get here?' moment, the 'this isn't where I'm supposed to be' moment. We think there's something wrong with us, but what that's only our perception? What if the only  thing 'wrong' is that we're so all-fired attached to some goal, some assumption we've created.


I always think of that moment in Reality Bites when Winona Ryder's character says, "I was really going to be something by the age of 23." And Ethan Hawke, in all his Gen X wisdom, replies, "Honey, the only thing you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself." That first bit? It always stuck with me--and I think it has to this day. I was really going to be something by now. Really. And somehow, over the years, I've conveniently forgotten the reply, the counter, the wisdom--amazing really, since I had such an all-out crush on Troy Dyer when my young, impressionable self first watched that film...


Anyway. I don't know. Be yourself. I think, for some of us (yours truly included), we've forgotten who that is. We've tried and tried so hard to be *something* that we've forgotten how to be--truly be--anything.


(Also, I think we all need to watch Reality Bites again. Just saying.)

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